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If you enter off of Algonquin Road, drive straight down the entrance drive to the end of the lane near the flag pole, you will be in front of the Student and Administration Center ("A" Building).
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Extra meetings

Normally meetings start by 7pm and run through 9p. Come early to the meeting and talk about linux this and that. Doors are open at 6:15p or so.
Next Meeting

6/6/17 - Room A238
Currently we have no speaker nor specific topic. Bring something to talk about. Bring your laptop/computer to work on/play with linux. Show, tell, share something to all or just a few. Learn something new.

7/4/17 - No meeting. Happy 4th.

8/1/17 - Room A238
Paul will being leading a discussion on Linux in AWS.
demo slides

9/5/17 - Room A238
IPv6 this talk will be lead by Ed.

Upcoming meetings:

10/3/17 - Room A238
Jim will be showing us Security Onion

11/7/17 - Room A238

12/5/17 - Room A238

1/2/18 - Happy New year. Room A238
  Should we meet?

2/6/18 - Room

3/6/18 - Room

4/3/18 - Room

5/1/18 - Room

Unofficial post-meeting @ The Hideout. map map2

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