Information for Speakers, Presenters, Discussion leaders

There is normally:
  a video projector and screen
  wireless internet access
The room is ready around 6:15p for setup.
Special requests (request may not be fulfilled):
  wired internet access
  paper tablet and markers or dry erase marker and board

As we are currently Online only please see features in Google Meet.

Presentations are normally 1-1.25 hours w/ Q&A.
  We have talked about having 2 half presentations at a meeting; incase your talk is short.
  Another idea is 3-4 related talks that are approximately 15-20 minutes.

For more information and/or special needs please email NWCLUG Admin.

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For additional information please contact Mike Swier at mswier@yahoo.com or nwclugadmin at nwclugadmin@harpercollege.edu
updated 7/29/20