contributors, sponsors, donors, supporters of NWCLUG

Here are some companies, organizations, businesses that have given software, books, etc to NWCLUG.



Harper College/IT
SAIR Linux and GNU

Here are some specifics:

March 3rd meeting: Snacks sponsored by Chi City Consulting; book givaways sponsored by Evolve Cyber.
Aprile 2nd meeting: Snacks sponsored by mikie.
May 7th meeting: Snacks and water sponsored by Evolve Cyber Bootcamp.

and others; see past meetings.

If you would like to help out in any way please contact Mike Swier at mswier@yahoo.com or nwclugadmin@harpercollege.edu

Please feel free to reachout, it is establishments like yours that organizations would not be so successful. I hope we can have your support with allowing flyers, providing grants, sponsoring, providing SWAG for giveaways, donations, and/or other opportunities. These donations could be items for giveaways or freebies and/or as you see. Additionally, communication can also be helpful for these groups, noting each other online via their website, like us on Facebook, etc would be extremely appreciated. No matter which method(s) you decide to be a part of will benefit your company.

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last updated 5/8/19